Ninja Blender Recipes

ninja blender recipesWelcome to…. Now that you have bought (in my opinion the best blender on the market!) You maybe looking for some ninja blender recipes to test it out. Or maybe you would just like some new cooking ideas, to spice up your meals. Whatever the reason you have come to the right place. Whether your looking for soups, smoothies, cocktails, ice creams, dips we have it all!





cocktailsCocktails are generally alcoholic drinks, which use spirits as the base and then mixed with other forrms of ingredients like fruits, coffee, creams or syrup. If you are looking to liven up your party we have plenty of cocktail recipes.



Dipping sauce is a form of condiment for many foods. Dips a used to liven up bland foods or accompany a food and give it more texture. Traditionally you would use dips for pita bread, tortilla chips, vegetables. You can even spice up your sandwiches to use your dip as a sauce.


ice creamIce Cream

Ice cream is a frozen sweet generally used as a dessert. It can be made by using cream or milk and generally some form of sweetener or flavouring is added. Who doesn’t like a good ice cream, one of my favourite ice cream recipes is the fudge brownie.



We generally think of smoothies as a breakfast drink but in reality you can drink them when ever you feel like you need a burst of energy. Smoothies are either vegetable based, fruit based or a mixture of the two. Blended together to make a very healthy, fruit or vegetable drink.